Urthboy: Spitshine

Posted on September 22nd, by countbounce in Beats, Producer. Comments Off on Urthboy: Spitshine

Introducing “Spitshine”, the hotly anticipated third album from URTHBOY.

One of the most visible characters of the hip hop scene, URTHBOY is a key figure in the genre’s escalating success. “Spitshine” not only consolidates every superlative sent his way, but gives numerous reasons to pile more on.

“Spitshine” is an audacious record packed with punch and finesse: the beats and vocals swagger with breezy rhythm– allowing Urthboy to blaze a trail across a sunset of slamming drums. There’s a defiant optimism about it: everyone’s got a story and somehow, anyhow, that story should be told.

Production is handled by the same talent that saw last album “The Signal” get multiple award nominations (AMP; J Award; AIR Awards). COUNT BOUNCE (6 tracks); ELGUSTO (3 tracks) and HERMITUDE (3 tracks) exhibit why they’re on par with international stars – with some inspired production. Guests such as LIOR, JANE TYRRELL and SOLO (HORRORSHOW) help create a beautifully diverse album.


RAVE ****  “Diverse, check. Catchy, check. Clever, check. Great Album? Check.” (CD of the week)….

jMAG ****  “Urthboy is a masterful collaborator.”….

Ozhiphop.com “Make no mistake, Urthboy has created his best album to date…a masterpiece that is consistent, both humble and incredible in equal measure.”….

RAVE Magazine “Cements Urthboy’s position as the strongest individual force in Australian hip hop”….

Drum Media “Brilliant album.” (CD of the week)