HOY – ‘Get Some Sleep’ Video

Posted on December 20th, by countbounce in Beats, Producer, Studio. Comments Off on HOY – ‘Get Some Sleep’ Video

Checkout the beautiful clip Hoy have just put out for their track ‘Get Some Sleep’ produced by Pip and tracked in an old converted church in central Victoria.

Hoy formed in late 2010 as a collaborative contemporary folk trio, combining the song-writing of Melbourne musicians, Felicity Cripps, Cecilia Dowling and Liam Linley. With innumerable influences, Hoy songs have a unique, anachronistic sound, found by mixing hints of the past for grounding and motivation, the present for inspiration, and the future for aspiration and ideology. Hoy’s first album started out in a dilapidated chateau in France, where the trio took up a residency at the Performing Arts Forum in Saint Erme. The record began unwinding through slow days spent in giant light-filled ballrooms and pear orchards. Following on from the residency Hoy toured 21 shows throughout Europe and the UK. On returning to Melbourne, the trio began arranging songs with drums and bass in mind, and received funding from Arts Victoria for recording. After many trips to the beach to write and rehearse, Hoy started work with award winning producer Pip Norman (Countbounce – TZU, Sparkadia, Ash Grunwald) and expanded the band to include Rory McDougal on drums and Cesar Rodrigues on bass. After mixing by Dan Rejmer (UK) who’s working credits include Bjork, Foals and Paul Kelly, and mastering by David Walker, Hoy’s first album was complete.

HOY’s first album ‘Aquaslum’ is soon to be released. Stay tuned!