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Urthboy has Triple J Album Of The Week

Posted on March 9th, by Stephen McGuire in Songs.

Urthboy returns with an autobiographical body of work covering his heritage, as well as that of the city he calls home.

Dan Sultan & Pip Nominated for Song Of The Year || APRA

Posted on May 1st, by countbounce in Songs.

‘Under Your Skin’ by Dan Sultan has been shortlisted for the APRA song of the year alongside Boy & Bear, Nick Cave, & The Cat Empire. Pip Norman (aka Countbounce) appears as a co-writer alongside Dan Sultan himself and Sparkadia’s Alex Burnett. If you are an Apra Member you can vote here –



One Life – Pez feat. Tys

Posted on December 1st, by countbounce in Producer, Songs, Studio.

Here is the video clip for a single I co-wrote and co-produced with Pez and John Castle earlier this year. Enjoy!

Smokey’s Haunt delivers the goods

Posted on October 26th, by countbounce in Beats, Producer, Songs, Studio.


Smokey’s Haunt team during the filming of the single ‘Knee Length Socks’ clip. From left, Dubbs (Hermitude), Jane Tyrell, Elgusto (Hermitude), Countbounce, and Urthboy. Waddup! We good lookin’!

Since then Smokey’s Haunt has delivered widespread acclaim, and been Triple J Feature Album , Drum Media Album of the Week & FBi Sunsets Album of the Week.

★★★★★ “Absolutely captivating, play on repeat”


★★★★ “Humanity and toughness permeate Urthboy’s excellent new album” (Review of the week) 

8/10 “…Meaningful rhymes and impressive beats, Smokey’s Haunt is a winner” 

★★★★ “A refreshing and independent voice in Australian hip-hop, Urthboy is certainly leading by example” 

“New Urthboy. We have it. You probably will pretty soon as well. He is – without qualification, hesitation, or mitigation – the best rapper we have”

★★★★ “Tim Levinson’s knack for storytelling is second-to-none as he weaves powerful tales inspired by … Read More »

TZU – new single, new video, new album, national tour: the works…

Posted on September 13th, by countbounce in Beats, Producer, Songs, Studio, Uncategorized.

You could say its been some time coming, and I would say its worth the wait. TZU are well and truly back.

TZU has released the second single ‘Beautiful’ from the upcoming album, ‘Millions of Moments’, and is about to embark on a national tour.

Here is the new video for ‘Beautiful’ directed by Sean Healey:

And here is where you can listen to the entire album (for a limited time) as a special preview:

And here is where you can pre-order your copy of ‘Millions of Moments’ with a signed comic book and/or tshirt or vinyl or whatever:


And here are the tour details:

And here is a dancing chicken:

Kicking it with Sietta

Posted on July 19th, by countbounce in Producer, Songs, Studio.

After knocking off two huge new albums in the last two weeks (TZU and Urthboy – look out for both releases later this year), and feeling pretty damn good about it, Bounce County is now bouncing to the beat of Sietta’s brand new material all this month.

TZU in lockdown this week at Bounce County

Posted on June 7th, by countbounce in Producer, Songs, Studio.

Countbounce and Joelistics here putting some final touches on tracks for the upcoming TZU album. Joel may or may not actually play the acoustic guitar on the album. Keep an ear to the ground for another single coming soon…

Urthboy’s newie rockets out of the gate

Posted on June 1st, by countbounce in Beats, Producer, Songs, Studio.

Urthboy lifts the bar again with his new single Naive Bravado ft. Daniel Merriweather – proudly written, produced and recorded here at Bounce County. Take a look at the smoking new video featuring Daniel Merriweather, with the dashing Damien Walshe-Howling of Underbelly fame:

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And then check out Urthy’s brilliant new website for more info about tours etc..

New Urthy soon to drop

Posted on May 16th, by countbounce in Beats, Producer, Songs, Studio.

Drumrolls akimbo for the first single of Urthboy’s new album dropping next week. Can’t wait.

See the link for some suspenseful discussions at Bounce County forecourt during recording of said new track.

Beginning of the End gets started

Posted on May 16th, by countbounce in Beats, Producer, Songs.

Happy to say that after a few weeks of the punters getting used to the new sound, TZU’s new single Beginning of the End is getting heaps of love on the interwebs, garnering high rotation on JJJ, and generally striking a chord around the country.

If you haven’t yet seen the new video, here it is in all its ambiguous, arty glory.

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