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Running in the Rain single

Posted on May 7th, by countbounce in Producer, Studio.

Bobby Flynn’s new single Running in the Rain has a moody new video. This is a track we’re really proud of down here at Bounce County. Its a bit of a dreamteam, actually: sung by Bobby Flynn, written by Alex Burnett (Sparkadia), recorded and produced by yours truly, Mikey Iveson on drums, mixed by Tony Espie, mastered by David Walker.

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Direct Influence Goes Viral

Posted on April 29th, by countbounce in Producer, Studio.

The boys from NZ band Direct Influence are taking over the world with this BMX video featuring their new single ‘Far East’ (recorded and produced at Bounce County) approaching TWO MILLION VIEWS and counting… check it out here:  Harry Main Showtime BMX Videos feat. Direct Influence